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The 200 Greatest Horror Films of All Time list began with a much larger number of films. They were ranked by their strength in four categories: Genre Acclaim, Prestige, Popular Appeal and Awards.

Here’s how: First, a large number of different “greatest” list rankings were collected. Each source list was weighted on both value and recency. This means a top ranking on a prestigious list (such as Sight & Sound) is more valuable than ranking higher on a magazine list (such as Empire), and ranking higher on newer lists is more valuable than ranking higher on older lists.

The lists were then divided into the four categories. The films were ranked in each category. Then, the categories were weighted and combined into a total ranking number. The Genre Acclaim rank was weighted to become 40% of the total ranking number. Prestige was weighted at 30%, Popular Appeal at 20%, and Awards at 10%, for a total of 100%.

As a result, films that scored well in multiple areas did the best. A movie that film critics loved, but specialists in musicals didn’t care for would rank lower than a film that appealed to both. A film’s performance at the box office, in online rankings and at awards ceremonies were taken into account, but given lower weight.

Below, you can find each source list used in each of the four categories:

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BBC’s The 100 Greatest Foreign-Language Films
Cinema Escapist’s Best African Movies
Dubai International Film Festival’s Top 100 Arab Films
Empire’s The 100 Best British Films
The Guardian’s 100 Best Films of the 21st Century
The Hollywood Reporter’s Hollywood’s 100 Favorite Films
IndieWire’s The 100 All-Time Greatest Films Directed by Women
ReelRundown’s The 10 Best Indian Movies
Roger Ebert’s Great Movies
Rotten Tomatoes’ Top 100 Horror Movies
Sight & Sound Critics Poll
Sight & Sound Directors Poll
Silent Era’s The Top 100 Silent Era Films
Spike Lee's Essential List of Films for Filmmakers
Taste of Cinema’s 30 Essential Latin American Movies
They Shoot Pictures Don’t They’s Brief Encounters Top 250 Short Films
TimeOut’s The 100 Best Movies of All Time as Chosen by Actors
YardBarker’s 27 Greatest Films by Black Directors

All Time Domestic Box Office by Ticket Sales
Empire Readers’ 100 Greatest Movies
Flickchart users’ favorite Horror Movies
Letterboxd Most Popular Horror Movies

Academy Award for Best Picture
Academy Award for Best Animated Feature
Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature
Academy Award for Best International Feature Films
Academy Honorary Award
American Film Institute Awards - Top 10 Films
Annie Award for Best Animated Feature
Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Drama
Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy
Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature
Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film
Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form)
NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Motion Picture
Palme d'Or Presented by the Festival de Cannes
Saturn Award for Best Horror Film