The following sources were used to compile the 100 Greatest Westerns list. Each source was added to a formula, and weighted on both critical value and recency. This means ranking higher on newer lists is more valuable than ranking higher on older lists.

Academy Award Best Picture Winners & Nominees (1929-2019)
AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies  - 10th Anniversary Edition(2007)
AFI Awards (2000 - 2019)
AFI's Top 10 Sci-Fi (2008)
BFI Screen Guide 100 Westerns (2008)
The Black Film Canon (2016)
Cinema Fanatic's A Year With Women (2015)
Cowboys & Indians Magazine’s 100 Best Westerns Ever Made (2016)
Domestic Box Office by Tickets Sold (2019)
Flickchart Highest Ranking Western Films (2019)
Golden Globe Best Drama & Best Musical/Comedy Winners and Nominees (1944-2019)
Little White Lies' 100 Great Movies by Female Directors (2015)
Palme d'Or Winners (1955 - 2019)
Roger Ebert's Great Movies (2013)
Sight & Sound Critics Poll (2012)
Sight & Sound Directors Poll (2012)
Spaghetti Western Database Essential Films (2017)
Time Out’s The 50 Greatest Westerns (2015)

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